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 LetturaNotePro Vers. 2.7.3 January 2007 - ShareWare

975 Kb

This program has been designed for music students as a help with the following learning fields:

  1 * Reading Notes
  2 * Learning Instruments
  3 * Training Of The Ear

The program's main features are:

1 * Reading Notes
  • The program displays and plays a random note which you will have to recognize.
  • You can scale the exercise difficulty by choosing any interval in treble clef, bass clef or in both clefs. The maximum wideness of the interval is of 5 octaves.
  • You can choose the English (C, D, E ...) as well as the Latin notation (DO, RE, MI ...).
  • You can see the name of the displayed random note.

2 * Learning Instruments
  • The program can store and play the score you are studying; the music can then be played continuously and at different speeds.
  • You can also store a set of bookmarks pointing at a group of measures or a group of notes. This enables you to learn step by step, or to focus on critical measures.
  • You can store up to 4 voices. For each voice you can choose its instrument, adjust its volume, play it step by step and modify the notes.
  • You can save the music in any folder of your computer and you can recall it at a later time.
  • A metronome, with an adjustable volume, can be inserted during the music execution and you can choose the beginning of the beat if the measure is incomplete.
  • You can transpose the memorized music up or down.
  • There is an exercise to recognize the keys of the piano.

3 * Trainings Of The Ear include the following:
  • Pitch Training Of The Ear
  • Interval Training Of The Ear
  • Chord Training Of The Ear
  • Tonality Training Of The Ear
  • You can display or hide the correct answer for each exercise.
  • Before you give the answer you can hear again the proposed notes.

*** Additional Features
  • Configurable metronome for common or non common tempos.
  • Virtual Keyboard.
  • The program includes several examples of musical files stored in the Demo folder; among these there are some Melodic Music Dictations.

    For a detailed description of these exercises and to see the screen shots click here.
    To download the trial version of the program (975 Kb) click here.
    The trial version does not expire but it has some limitations which can be removed upon the purchase of the licence. The licence cost is 8 euros and is for all eventual new versions of the program.

Windows Operating Systems (Win95, Win98, XP... Vista, Windows7), Audio Board, Visual Basic 6 run time libraries.
The libraries should normally be installed on Windows o.s. Check if the file msvbvm60.dll exists on your computer.
In any case, you can free download the libraries at this Microsoft address.